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Our Projects


We deliver demand driven 21st-Century Digital Skills training to organizations and professionals of industries to enhance their productivity in the workplace and in life.


Teach Me Coding is a project inspired by the need to equip and develop younger generations with the skills to influence the future using tech as a tool.


A workshop aimed at growing and developing new generation of students with the skill and zeal required to be productive in their Education and Career. 

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Our Team

“More than 10,000+ schools are without Computer Systems in Nigeria, this posed a challenge to the successful execution of “Teach Me Coding” Project. With your support we can do more.”

About us

We are a group of young team who are passionate about making a difference using technology as a tool and influencing the world far longer than we’ll be here to witness.

What we do

At Campus Torch, we inspire youth and students to develop their 21st Century Skills while connecting them to opportunities where they can be well appreciated.

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  • 20 - 24, Hammed Kasumi Str, Chevy View Estate, Chevron, Lekk - Lagos, Nigeria.
  • +234 818 394 8338
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